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This page contains my journalism portfolio. I’m currently focused on front-end development. See my LinkedIn instead.

Tech journalist working with international organisations. Experienced in journalism, video production, social media management, digital marketing, blockchain communication and web development. I’m also MSc. in Software Design from ITU.

See selected pieces of my work below or visitølgaard/ or

I have worked with


Frontend Developer

Frontend developer: Tamigo

JavaScript Developer: Staun & Stender

  • Develop code library extending low code framework with custom JavaScript
  • Example: JavaScript Library on Github. Excecutable files are confidential.

Website specialist: Templafy

  • Responsible for updating all Templafy’s 300+ landing pages (and HubSpot pages) to WordPress 5.3.
  • Example:

WordPress/Web developer: Silkeborg Fadøl

  • Designing and building Silkeborg Fadøls webpage in WordPress
  • Writing custom JavaScript, CSS & HTML to improve chosen theme and to improve page design for mobile view
  • Example: Silkeborgfadø, Github

All code projects

Feel free to visit my Github

Journalism Portfolio

Soaked by SLUSH

Game developers create real economies with blockchain

Technical University of Denmark – DTU

Bitcoins get status as real currency

Magazine theme on cybersecurity

Front page

Product configurators save millions

Danish or English

The worlds biggest wind turbine

Danish or English

Moving nano analysis out of labs

Danish or English

Tandem solar cells be sustainable

Danish or English

New method for venom tracing

Danish or English

Emojis teach computers emotions

Danish or English

How Nikolaj got to study at Harvard

Danish or English

DTU makes tech for Mars mission

Danish or English

Soon everybody can trade energy using blockchain

Danish or English

Lazer trucks maintain roads

Danish or English

“The electricity grid is undemocratic”

Danish only

KPMG Denmark

Global Quantum Hub opens in Denmark

Danish or English

Artificial intelligence prevents fraud

Danish or English

Calculating 40,000 relief packages

Danish or English

Denmark getting ready for self-driving cars

Danish or English

Tool predicts COVID-19’s financial impact

Danish or English

Public transport strengthens in Denmark

Danish or English

KPMG shows the way in Sourcing Strategy

Danish or English

Nordic Blockchain Association

MakerDAO Releases Multi-Collateral Stablecoin

Read in english

Høje-Taastrup Kommune Er Case I Blockchain Pilot

Read in english

Retailers Make Food Production Safer With Blockchain

Read in english

Science Report

Forskningsartikler udgives i strid med Danmarks strategi

Forskere fravælger at gøre artikler frit tilgængelige

Mange flere penge på vej til dansk energiforskning

“Der bliver ingen energirevolution, hvis vi fortsætter sådan her”


Featured: Promotional video for Technical University of Denmark. Language: Danish with English subtitles.
President of DTU visit new students on ‘Rusture’. Danish with English subtitles.
Promotional video for DTU’s annual Robotics tournament. Language: Danish w. English subtitles
Promotional video for the annual open house event at DTU. Language: Danish

Featured: Promotional video for KPMG’s annual Counter-Strike tournament. Danish with English subtitles.
Promotional video for campaign. Language: English

Promotional video done with Microsoft Teams for KPMG / NETS AI fraud prevention webinar. Language: Danish

Promotional video done for Skylab / Krinova Science Park on a food hackaton. English
Teaser for mini-documentary on DTU Biobuilders
Mini-documentary on DTU Biobuilders

Social Media

Technical University of Denmark – DTU (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)

DTU’s SoMe manager at Roskilde Festival 2019



Instagram story

DTU’s SoMe manager at Roskilde Festival 2018

KPMG Denmark (LinkedIn, Twitter)


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